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Why Should You Certify

Because Certification Verifies Value

Certification Program Overview


PMAS’s advanced, performance based certifications are for the experienced Project, Program and Portfolio managers. 

Click on the relevant IPMA’s Four Level of Certification (4-L-C) System to see which is right for you and to download all the necessary documents for that level.

Certified Project, Program or Portfolio Director.

Certified Senior Project, Program, or Portfolio Manager.

The first step to towards a professional project or program manager role. 

You Can Take These Steps For More Information If You Are Still Uncertain:

What Makes IPMA's Certification Stand Out?

Tol help you decide which project and program management certifications are best for you, and why ours stand out, see What Makes IPMA Certification Stand Out. This fresh new analysis is based on three independent studies and reports. 

what certification level for you

When and Where Can You Certify?